Bradcat’s Personal Focus… Bradcat’s Birthday Bash!

January 23rd saw the “Bradcat” turn 28. That’s right, I’m edging ever closer to that dreaded 3-0. But birthdays are a time for celebration, so what better way to celebrate, than to visit a Japanese themed restaurant? The venue of choice? Woktastic in Birmingham.

I’d contacted the restaurant earlier in the week via email, to enquire about large parties, and not only did they reply in record time, they were more than welcoming. However, there was one thing that clinched the deal for me… Takoyaki. For years I’ve seen Japanese people walking around with these hand-sized trays of battered balls, being picked at with cocktail sticks. Woktastic had these on their menu!

Takoyaki are little portions of octopus, deep fried into a ball shape.

As a part of my main meal I went for my usual ramen fix, but decided on chicken this time. Not too adventurous, but delicious none the less. I washed this down with a few glasses of Asahi beer. I was tempted to try a few of the dishes, but I had to save something for my next visit. The service was great too. The food came out in good time, and all the staff were helpful when shifting the tables around.

Asahi dry beer
I would’ve liked to have seen more choice of Japanese soft drinks, not just Japanese beer. Perhaps something like Ramune would’ve been nice, to help enhance the Japanese authenticity? I would’ve also loved to have tried Japanese mayo with my takoyaki (My friend who lives in Sendai said it’s essential with takoyaki) but sadly we were told there wasn’t any. But these are minor gripes with an otherwise fantastic visit.

Chicken ramen

Thanks to all the staff at Woktastic that helped cater for the fifteen of us, and ensured our drinks were always full. If you want to check out Woktastic for yourself, you can find them here on Twitterhere on Facebook, or via their own website.

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