Bradcat’s Japanese Blogger Focus… Soezimax

I’ve decided to mix things up a little bit recently, and start blogging about… other bloggers! Today I introduce you to video blogger, and videographer Soejima Shingo. Better known by his online name “Soezimax”, he graduated from Osaka University of Arts, with a film major. Over the years he has worked on plays, TV dramas, and movies. In 2006 he set up his own independent film production company “SOEZIMAX”, and began making short works which are now on his YouTube channel, including the brilliant Sashimi-san cat series.

Sashimi-san belongs to Shingo’s sister, and he’s often tasked with looking after the feline. However, for some unknown reason (possibly territorial?) Sashimi-san detests Soezimax! She’s never provoked or cornered, she actively seeks out Soezimax to attack him, even when the olive branch of peace is offered…

One of Sashimi-san’s many attacks…

Even while trying to make friends….

After winning many awards for his videography, Soezimax began a Camp Fire campaign to create a brand new idol group, complete with music video and CD. The music video would feature the idol group dressed as school girls, complete with… machine guns! He set a target of 1,000,000 Yen, a target which he reached and surpassed within a few weeks. Here is the video he posted on Camp Fire to help explain the project, and what the funds would be used for…

The idol group would be known as OSAKA SHUNKASHUTO. Shortly after the campaign, Soezimax made a “cover video” of Bruno Mars’ The Lazy Song in which the girls copy and adapt their own version of the famous video, which you can see here…

Soezimax continues to document the girls’ progress from business meetings, photoshoots, recordings, public appearances, and behind the scenes documentaries. Aside from this major project, he still finds time to make other excellent videos including “Japanese beer tasting” amongst other random videos of capsule toys which he collects, and of course, Sashimi-san videos.

Please check out the following links to stay up to date with this fantastic independent video producer…

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