Bradcat’s Japanese Culture Focus… Julien Blanc is coming to Japan, let’s stop that happening

My blog has always been light hearted, so I apologise in advance that this may upset some of you. This week something was brought to my attention (via YouTube J-Vloggers, Victor: Gimmeaflakeman, Ben: Dochi Hoko, and Rachel: Rachel & Jun) which made me so sick to my stomach. An infamous “pick-up artist” named Julien Blanc is heading to Japan. I’m going to throw you all into the deep end with a quote from a, quite frankly, vile and pathetic excuse of a boy (I refuse to call him a man) before I go into depth on this topic…

Julien Blanc, misogynist extraordinaire

“When you go to Tokyo….if you’re a white male, you can do what you want. Just grab her, pull her in. She’ll giggle. Just say PIKACHU or POKEMON or something to take the pressure off. I’m romping through the streets (of Tokyo) just grabbing girls and it’s like (motions) head on dick (pfft) head on dick, yelling ‘PIKACHU’ with a Pikachu shirt on….Every foreigner who is white does this. When you see that one foreigner in the crowd in Tokyo and your eyes will lock and you know that he knows and he knows that and it’s this guilty look like you both fucked a hooker or something.” – Julien Blanc, Real Social Dynamics.

As you can see from the video for yourself, his methods include grabbing women and forcing their heads into his crotch. Towards the end of the video, he’s clearly seen harassing a retail clerk by wrapping his arm around her neck and pulling her over the counter. He’s taking advantage of his white privilege, playing ignorant to Japanese customs and furthermore, dehumanising Japanese women. (The video above was uploaded by “msdoom99” as to avoid giving this scumbag any “click$” on his YouTube videos.)

Firstly, the fact he’s labeled as a “pick-up artist” is disgusting. Straight away it signifies that we’re dealing with someone who doesn’t view women as people, but as objects for his own gratification and sexual amusement. In September he released a video titled “White male f-cks Asian women in Tokyo (and the beautiful methods to it),” which went viral. While Blanc (25) isn’t short of fans, however the backlash from the people disapproving of this video, far outweighed the supporters of these quite frankly, criminal acts.

We can see in the video clear examples of patriarchy, white imperialism, and sexual assault all rolled into one vile human being. Whats worse, is that there is an entire room of pathetic excuses for men hanging on his every word. I, for one, won’t stand for this. How dare he group us together with the statement Every foreigner who is white does this“?! So what can we do to stop this pathetic sociopath from entering Japan, and furthermore stop him from giving these sick lectures?

If you want more insight into the kind of person we’re talking about, check out this Tumblr link which shows his exploits on dating website/app “Tinder”

Thanks to Twitter activist Jennifer Li we now have a hashtag #TakeDownJulienBlanc which we can use to target venues, and cities in which he plans to host events.If you don’t think this will work, allow me to show you just THREE tweets I sent out this week to make the venues aware of what they were supporting. Firstly the Como hotel, who were then closely followed by the Marriott hotel, in shutting down the planned events. Also ticket distribution website Eventbrite were soon quick to remove the event from their website once discovering the true nature of the event…



Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 19.11.12

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 19.11.49


What can you do? Below is a list of simple things (taken from Anonymous) you can do to stop this company from poisoning the minds of broken men who believe the answer to happiness is their sexual gratification.

1.) Sign This Petition: Cancel Julien Blanc and RSD’s Seminars.:

2.) Information on venues and action is due to change so keep up with the hashtag #TakeDownJulienBlanc on Twitter

3.) Twitter Report

Help ban Julien Blanc from twitter by posting the information below here:

Account: @RSDJulien

Tweet: (if he deletes this tweet, select any of his others)

Report Script: This user is posting information on how to harass and abuse women sexually, in the tweet attached he is encouraging his followers to attend his seminars to gain knowledge on how to ‘harass’, ‘molest’, and ‘abuse’ women. This targeted abuse is not only sexist and violent, but also racist. I implore you to please shut down the @RSDJulien account to prevent further harm to any other individuals by this man’s twitter followers and actions.

4.) If you see any signs of him planning an event in your country, or city, please do your best to make your countries embassy and local venues aware.

We need to stop this guy from being able to hold these lectures and spread his vile messages. We need to stop him from not only entering Japan, but ANY country he tries to gain access to, as to stop the promotion of rape culture.

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