Bradcat’s Japanese Culture Focus… Japan Sweets Nom

A few months ago I posted an article on Tofu Cute, a UK based company which delivers Japanese sweets to your door. However they aren’t the only company in this market. Fairly new on the scene is a company called Japan Sweets Nom.


The company came to fruition when the creators spend a month backpacking around Japan. Upon trying some of the kawaii sweets on offer, they found themselves unable to discard the beautiful and fun packaging. They realised that Japanese sweets had something special about them. As they state on their website, “Kawaii Candy” is somewhat of it’s own cuisine these days.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 17.59.11

The company has a comfortable presence on Twitter. While they may not be oozing followers, they take the time to respond to their customers, and even go out of their way to interact with customers that they follow (Myself included with a recent compliment on my Twitter header). From their responses, you get the impression that this isn’t some big, heartless, money grabbing corporation, but that it’s a handful of people trying to share delicious Japanese treats, at affordable prices in the UK.

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My personal favourite is Watapachi (わたパチ) which is a candy floss based sweet, with more consistency and popping candy thrown into the mix. It isn’t overly sticky, so you can hold it and tear pieces off in comfortable mouthfuls. Because of how light it is, you’ll find it dissolves in your mouth, leaving behind bursting grape flavour. Grape is a very popular flavour in Japan, you’ll find it in Hi-Chew sweets (also called Puccho which Japan Sweets Nom sell) and various drinks from vending machines.

boss cafe au lait

Speaking of vending machines, they also stock the drink which kept me energised for three weeks in Japan, BOSS Café au lait. You’ll find this inside almost all vending machines in Tokyo and Osaka, and best of all? It’s piping hot! Many people question why you’d bother getting a small can like this, rather than waiting to get home and making a brew there instead. But when you get the urge, and you need that caffeine fix, this hits the spot like you wouldn’t believe. Obviously if you purchase this from Japan Sweets Nom,  it’ll be cold. It can be enjoyed cold, but it can also easily be heated up. Boil a pan, take off the hob, drop the can into the boiling water for a minute or two, and hey presto, authentic vending machine Japanese coffee!

Japan Sweets Nom have a wide selection of sweets at great prices. There’s even a bargain section where you can pick up sweets for as little as 70p. Delivery costs depend on your location, but in the UK it’s £3.99. So make sure you pack your order with plenty of sweets!

You can find Japan Sweets Nom here:

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