Bradcat’s Japanese Culture Focus… CC Lemon Advert

Japanese TV has always been famous for it’s bizarre advertisements. I recall seeing a YouTube “mashup” of Japanese McDonalds clips which gave me nightmares for about three weeks. More recently it seems marketing teams are trying to be more creative, and have been taking heavy inspiration from YouTube artists.

Some of you might’ve seen a popular first person video on social media last year. It was during the height of parkour and first-person-perspective videos and featured a man in a getaway scenario. CAUTION: Contains strong language and violence, click here to see that video.

Well Japanese soft drink company CC Lemon (a product of Suntory) have clearly took inspiration from this and other videos to create this awesome advert, in which two high school girls… well… see for yourself…

There are subtitles for most of the video, the main thing being said frequently is “ちょっと待って!” or simply just “待って!” which means “Wait a minute!” or “Wait!” However there’s a few other parts which aren’t explained.

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 14.23.25

Makibishi @ 1:30 = 撒菱 These are a type of caltrop which were used by ninja in feudal Japan. They were used to slow down pursuers.

Maruta @ 1:44 = 丸太 This is the Japanese word for wood, or log.

Musasabi @ 2:11 = 鼯鼠 This is a Japanese flying squirrel 

Kemuridama @ 2:20 = 煙玉 is a smoke bomb! It’s quite popular in the anime Naruto.

Yamori @ 2:22 = ヤモリ The Japanese word for gecko, a type of lizard that is well known for its specialised toe pads that enable it to climb smooth and vertical surfaces.

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 14.24.24

CC Lemon is known for its yellow branding, with some adverts featuring The Simpsons, or anime characters dressed in yellow outfits. It’s a refreshing drink which claims to hold the equivalent of 70 lemons worth of vitamin C in the average 500ml bottle.

I think I’ll just stick to my tea for now…